Methods to get free vehicle history reports online

Odometer example
Odometer example

This is important to do your research work correctly when you are going to buy a second hand or already used car. You must go through the proper details that are required to make sure the purchase is authentic. To do so you must go check vehicle history reports available on the internet. For that you need to get a free VIN decoder or a VIN lookup tool. A VIN or Vehicle identification number is a unique serial number that helps in identifying the vehicles specifications and types. You can easily track the cars past records through it and it are also immensely popular among authorities, organizations and individuals who are in the vehicle industry. So we have listed some methods through which you can easily access the specifications, title brands, whether the car has any police record etc. All this can be easily done online.

First and foremost, record the VIN that you want to check. You can either write it down on a piece of paper or record it through your phone camera.

Open your web browser. There are a number of websites which you might visit for this purpose. Enter your VIN number in a specialized website catering the vehicle history and press the requisite button. These websites will provide you with the following information-

  • Full Vehicle Specifications

If you are looking for a mechanical history report.

  • Fuel Economy provided by the vehicle.

To check whether the car is providing mileage adequate to your needs.

  • Cost of owning the vehicle

The original cost and the current cost should help you compare the fair value and whether or not you are getting a good enough deal.

  • Checking Salvage Yards

To make sure how much of the salvage value does similar kinds of vehicles provide in the market.

  • 60+ Vehicle Problems

Miscellaneous problems that may arise

  • Odometer Readings

To make sure the odometer has not been tampered with to provide false readings that may dupe you.

  • Structural Damages

The vehicle may or may not have any past structural damages. If the previous owner had done a full mechanical check the record will be present online.

  • Full Salvage Check

The salvage value of the car. How much value you are truly getting out of the deal.

  1. Go through and analyze the vehicle history and specifications. Make sure you are completely satisfied before going forward with the deal. Remember, it is important to do your homework properly.